Bad Weather Policy

Sheboygan: Classes will always be canceled when Sheboygan School District schools are closed.

Kiel: Classes will always be canceled when Kiel School District schools are closed.

Otherwise classes held as usual and use your own judgment about coming. If at all possible, you will be notified by phone.

Class Make — Up Policy

If you miss a class for a good reason you are encouraged to take a Make-Up Class.
Please inform the studio when you will be missing class and when you will be coming in for a make-up lesson.

Classroom Dress for Dance Classes


Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, royal blue leotard. These are to be purchased through the dance studio only.


White T-shirt, shorts, black ballet slippers (Jazz pants for more advanced work). These are to be purchased through the dance studio only.

Classroom Dress for Baton Classes

Tennis shoes, balanced baton, leotard and tights (any color) required. The School will order all batons at $20.00 each.

For All Students — Children and Adults

The School will be able to order any dancewear, footwear, batons, etc., that are needed for class:

  • All items payable when received.
  • No vinyl ballet slippers will be allowed in class.
  • Only leather soled tap shoes will be allowed in class as leather allows proper articulation of the foot.
  • Hair must be neatly pulled back and off of face and neck before student enters class. This applies to preschool children as well.
  • No loose fitting clothing over leotard as the teacher must be able to clearly see the body for correct placement. Tight fitting dance wear was created so the dancer can move freely and allow the teacher to observe all body movements. Today’s high fashion aerobic wear often has prints and patterns that make the teacher’s observations difficult.
  • No loose hanging earrings, studs are acceptable. No necklaces, watches OR rings that extend or protrude from the hand. Not only can the student hurt themselves, but possibly another student.