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It is through ballet that correct body placement, warm-up technique and movement patterns are learned for use in all forms of dance as well as in athletics. Since it is the foundation of dance, it is suggested all students take one ballet class per week. The School’s basic syllabus is in the Cecchetti or Italian method. However, the Russian and French styles are also incorporated.



Offered for children under 7 years old but no younger than 4 years old. Pre-Ballet incorporates body awareness through floor exercises, use of 8 basic movements of dance (jump, hop, etc.). Young students develop an awareness of space and are prepared for the basics of ballet as they learn about rhythm and they have fun moving to rhythm sticks, drums, tambourines, and other instruments.



Tap is incorporated with most ballet classes and is excellent for developing rhythm and musicality. Tap also allows the student to add a little more of their own personal style, more so than some of the other dance forms at the beginning levels. The School uses the graded A1 Gilbert syllabus as its base. There is no extra charge when tap is included with ballet class.



Pre-Jazz (9-12 years and older) requires a ballet foundation. The school uses as its base the American jazz of Giordano and Chi-Town Jazz Company styles along with the modern influences of Lynda Martha and Bea Rashid.

Spanish Dance


Offered for children 7 years old and up, Spanish Dance develops expression, feeling, and students learn how a costume becomes a part of the dance. Also, when students study Spanish Dance they learn to play the castanets–not only is it fun, but students are able to dance and play castanets at the same time! All 3 styles are taught: classic, folk, and flamenco, along with castanet work.



Students begin with solo baton and then progress to marching, dance twirl, double baton, flag baton, ribbon baton, hoop, and for the very advanced–fire baton! Baton is suggested for children 5 years or older. All baton classes are held Saturday mornings at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School Auditorium, 814 Superior Ave, Sheboygan.

Adult Classes

Offered in all the above explained forms of dance at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Call Diane at (920) 452-8697 if you are interested in a particular style of dance.

Ballroom Dance

Basic Ballroom dance: fox trot and waltz, along with our specialty swing dance offered at special rates. Classes in 4-6 week sessions depending on interest and privately by request. Call Diane at (920) 452-8697.

Wedding Lessons

By appointment. Whether you want to learn the foxtrot, the waltz or have your first dance choreographed help is available. Bring along the music you have chosen for your wedding dance or get suggestions for music to use for your “first dance”. Call Diane at (920) 452-8697.

Private Lessons

By request. For more information call Diane at (920) 452-8697.

To see us demonstrating 7 of the 8 basic body positions in ballet, click on Body Positions.